Starting with PIC18LF25K50

Hi all,

with this post I start publishing my researchs and developments with PIC18LF25K50. Previously I did some works with 2550 version where the main differences between them are the 25K50 doesn't need external clock to run because it has an internal one allowing it to run up to 48MHz (16MHz multiplied by x3 with PLL).

Here I attach some of my Youtube uploaded works done with this device (or 4550, similar with more pins available).

A CNC driller:

A mini cooker

A LED Insulator, with a 2550 programmed fully in ASM


For future projects I'll use MPLAB X as IDE and XC8 as compiler, except the bootloader which will be compiled with C18 in version v3.46 (that supports 25K50 device). All sources and schemas will be available for registered users and I'll try to explain as further as my time lets me.

Registered user will be able to comment on posts and see another user comments. What I'll try to do is to create a little community of microcontrollers freaks in order to help ourselves to improve our level on it.

See all of you soon!!

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