CLFS - Cross Compiled Linux From Scratch - The ARM Book

I'm sure most of you thought any time to compile Linux core in order to learn a little more of this Operative System, how to compile a great project as the Linux one is or simply to enjoy the path to success on doing it.
In my case I always wanted to compile it for an ARM processor (like Raspberry Pi, probably your smartphone or maybe your home router).
First I did is to search for it on Google:
You will find lot of differente processes to get it, but people who previously compiled a Linux distribution will find all shown links not enough to learn all process to compile it.
Searching a little more, I happily founded this great project called Cross Linux From Scratch, or CLFS:
It explains all process going from the build of the cross compiling tools, configuration of your system, to the bootloader to allow your new system run.

The project allow you to follow it online or to build your own book. I'm uploading the books to compile linux from scratch for ARM, MIPS or x86 processors, a great resource for lovers of embedded systems