USBDM Programmer user guide. Installing tools and configuring KDS (Windows)

As you can see in my previous post, I developed an USBDM programmer to launch mass producton of some boards. Yesterday I mounted some of these boards and designed a 3D printable case, with this result:


In this post I will explain step by step how to configure KDS to use it as debugger and how to use USBDM mass production tool in Windows. You will need following packages:

First of all is to install the programmer drivers. They are not signed so you will need to accept the warning.


USBDM integrated on KDS

During the tools installation, make sure you select Kinetis Design Studio Plugins and Programmers as shown in the following screenshot

This installation will add a new dropdown menu on KDS IDE (known as Eclipse configured with Kinetis toolbox :P) 

To configure USBDM on KDS is required if you do not want a buggy experience. Click on configure as shown in the previous image and search for the ARM GNU Tools to set the correct path.

In my case, my toolchain is in C:\Freescale\KDS_3.0.0\toolchain\bin. Double click over "arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe". The prefix should be configured as "arm-none-eabi-"


Open the next label, ARM GDB Server, in the left menu and select your BDM (this is the moment to connect the programmer), "USBDM-OPENSDA-0001" and make sure that the target device is the correct one, in my case in this project i am using "MKL25Z128M4".
Check the other options to match with your requirements. Only 3V3 is supported as Target Vdd for my programmer. Use level voltage translators if you want to program any 5V system.

You are now ready to select USBDM as debugger in your project. Click on "Debug Configurations" and right click on the "USBDM Hardware Debugging" of the left menu to create a new debugging configuration. 
Make sure all the options are correct. I had some errors when clicking on the "Debugger" label, all caused by a wrong configuration on the main USBDM Configuration (shown avobe). If this is your case, review all main parameters and try again.

Now you can use the USBDM for debugging in KDS :D


USBDM Mass Production Tools

In the installation of USBDM, mass production tools are installed. If you open the installation directory (in my case "C:\Program Files (x86)\pgo\USBDM") you will see some executable files. I am programming a Kinetis device so I use "ARM_FlashProgrammer.exe".
This tool is for a GUI control of programming.


Programming a 8K device last about 5 seconds and when finished you will be asked to program a new device. This is very useful when you want to program a bunch of devices.



But for mass production you usually need to include this process into a production procedure, maybe testing or serial number control. For this, USBDM provides a fully API to make your own applications.

You can check the USBDM example to make an idea of what you can do:

Feel free to comment below sharing your projects or your problems and solutions!
See you!!
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