Starting Kinetis Ecosystem

Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since I do not post any new technical stuff. I have been searching for a well stablished and professional microcontroller manufacturer and I finally decided to start working with Freescale Kinetis MCU Family.

I will not explain all the reasons that made me take this decision but I will llist the most important:

  • Kinetis Design Studio: Freescale decided to not continue with the non-free Codewarrior IDE and now they are centering their efforts with KDS, a free non-code restricted Integrated Design Environment.
  • Processor Expert: It is the Freescale way to manage with embedded libraries. Instead of creating the source code for all the integrated peripherals and then provide all needed documentation to use them, they manage code with an integrated tool which creates you the code after selecting all the features you want for your system with all needed methods and documentation. If you are not used to PE it may be a little strange for you but after using it a little you will appreciate its power.
  • Large MCU portfolio to match with your required application. You will be able to find a well adjusted hardware to optimize cost, space and development time to create your solution.
  • Moreover their environment is really scalable between families.

Here is the main page for Kinetis microcontrollers. I think i will mainly use the K and KL families in my systems.

To start learning about Kinetis microcontrollers, I selected a mid range microcontroller to make my first development board. I previously used Microchip PIC18LF25K50 MCU in my designs which integrates USB High Speed Transceiver for about $2.5, so I decided to start with the KL25 Freescale Kinetis Family that integrates all USB capabilities too.

In my next post I will present you all the details of the development board I am using to start creating my Kinetis based environment.