Since i was 18 years old I started with my own little companies in order to focus my knowledge to earn some money.

Firstly I started with RDPInformatica on 2007, selling computer parts in a little HTML-based webpage and mounting and fixing personal computers for known people and friends.

Some months later with Antonio and David, we continued the activity calling us ARDInformatica. We made the main activity with this name. We rebuilt the webpage in order to improve the visual appearance thinking on a Drupal webpage.
We became a partner of Actualize company, supporting equipment to companies like Telefonica, Ono, Mapfre, Caser or BBVA.
We opened an eBay store to sell our offers and announce ourselves and our webpage.

We developed some webpages as:


We integrated a new automatic system to our webpage in order to update all products, product characteristics, stock and outlets.

Months later we changed all Drupal theme and purchased domain. The result was incredible, as shown on the right image. We changed our reference to ARD Engineering, explaining ARD as Applied Research & Development.

On April 2011, due to personal issues, we ended our activity closing our webpages.